--- SCRIPT ---

(Message from MoonBase Alpha)

SPACE: 1999

Message From Moonbase Alpha

Johnny Byrne. All Rights Reserved.

Specially written for Zienia Merton

For screening at the Breakaway Convention,
Los Angeles Sept. 1999

blank screen.

Black. Moments, then it suddenly fills with static. A voice is trying to break through. The signal strengthens some and we HEAR…

sandra (V/O)

(fading in and out)

… Moonbase Alpha calling Earth… Moonbase Alpha calling Earth…

Sandra’s image flickering into view…



… This is Moonbase Alpha with our last transmission to the people of Earth…

Sandra’s image strengthening, CLOSING IN…


This is MoonBase Alpha with our last trasmission to people of Earth...… We cannot know you will receive this message. Or if memory survives, or ever existed in your time, of who we were, what our purpose was, and the disaster which took us on our random journey through the infinite reaches of time and space…

int. technical section.

Sandra in front of a transmitter in Technical Section. She looks vulnerable and slightly apprehensive.


… We calculate it is twenty years since we lost contact with you. For us, it has been a time of dangers overcome and knowledge revealed. Of mysteries encountered, perceptions altered, and the growing conviction of a higher purpose in all we witnessed and endured… These long years stretched to the limit our will to survive as individuals and as a community. And overcoming our greatest test – the struggle to hold true to a unique birthright, the innate humanity common to all of us from Earth… But that is in the past…

(growing anxiety)

A greater challenge...… Now a new… an even greater challenge awaits us. For some time, our life support systems have shown signs of increasing decay. Total failure, though not imminent, seems inevitable. Last week, however, we encountered an intense gravitational disturbance. It catapulted our moon into this… unknown solar system. Sensors indicated one planet was habitable, but it would be in range for only six short days…


… Insufficient time to calculate the long term risks of leaving the base and settling there… So, the painful collective decision was taken to abandon Alpha. One that was greatly…

(painful memory)

Flying to Terra Alpha...… disputed! As I speak now…

ext. eagles in flight to terra alpha. stock sfx

A cluster of eagles flying to the planet.

sandra (V/O)

… Operation Exodus has finally taken place. Commander Koenig and the others have begun to settle on our new world, Terra Alpha.

CUT TO: Eagle on launchpad warming up.

sandra (V/O)

One Eagle waits for me, for I am the last person to abandon the base. Soon the planet will be out of range and while…



… predictions indicate a slingshot effect will return the moon to the planet in 25 years, we cannot be certain. Nor can we base our actions on it occurring…

(sudden emotion)

Moonbase Alpha is no more...However, one thing is certain, Moonbase Alpha is no more!

CUT TO: Abandoned, empty areas of Alpha moonbase…

sandra (V/O)

… For many of us, this was our most difficult decision. Though deserted and silent now, Alpha was our refuge…


sandra (V/O)

… We can never forget our life here, the good and happy times, as well as our moments of despair and heartbreak…


sandra (V/O)

Here friendships flourished, and bonds were forged. It was Maya, the Psychon, who helped us to understand that we are all aliens until we get to know each other.



(beat, stronger)

… The memory of what we shared here will forever remain part of the very fabric of this place, our home, Alpha…

(beat, with dignity)

We, the people of Moonbase Alpha, did exist!I am making this transmission firstly, to inform those who know of our existence and who wonder what became of us. And to enlighten those on an Earth which may never have known us. People of the same world who are strangers, yet familiar to us though the mysterious effects of time and space… And finally, we want you all to know that we, the people of Moonbase Alpha, did exist. That our presence, the knowledge of Earth and her people, their strength and weakness, pride and arrogance, genius and insignificance, has made an imprint on this vast universe we share with so many other races and beings… And to state our belief, though our moon’s progress was random, our odyssey does have a purpose, one still in the act of revealing itself…

(commlock beeps)

It is time to end this brief transmission and face the uncertain life and great challenges on our new world… Computer’s final task is to encode this message using a device designed by Maya. She believes that it will enable our transmission to navigate the complexities of time and space and reach you on Earth… So, to Professor Bergman… Michael, dear Paul – to Luke and Anna on your new Arkadia – we can never forget you. And to Alpha, wherever you go on your onward journey, our hearts go with you, and hope of reunion in the future will never fade… Finally, to you, the people of planet Earth, we say goodbye and ask but one thing…


A message from Meta?… Remember us!

Sandra’s voice elides into a signal and the screen fades to the familiar rotating sine wave. HOLDING on the signal a few moments and we recognise it as the signal from META. And the realisation that the META signal received in Breakaway was in reality the Alphans’ message transmitted by Sandra.



… Remember us… Remember us…



Johnny Byrne. All Rights Reserved.


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